Saturday, April 2, 2016

More About Ghomeshi

More About Ghomeshi

I ain't sayin' Ghomeshi didn't do all the things them women accused him of. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure it all out. Women who do them disgusting sorts o' things are called Dominatrixes. They got all kinds o' equipment to do their activities an' people go to them for that kind o' service. I don't know what you call a man who does that, but I got a few suggestions that can't be printed here.

It seems the only thing Ghomeshi didn't do was advertise his kind o' service ahead o' time an' the women didn't know what they was gettin' in to until they was right in it. But I guess it wasn't all that bad, given their continuin' relations with him. Who knows, he could have a flourishin' business if he advertised what he does. It might be a whole new career for him.

Still in all, ya can't blame the judge or even the defense attorney for the outcome. They applied the law as it is written. If there is any fault, it is on the prosecutor and/or on the women themselves.

As for the women involved, the encounters weren't that bad, given their continuin' relationship with him. And the prosecutor should never have charged Ghomeshi under the law as he did. He should have charged him under a different law havin' to do with not deliverin' what was advertised or deliverin' more than was advertised or negotiated. I mean look at what happened to Volkswagen with their deliberate deception of the general public. They got their hides nailed to the barn door. The same principle could have been applied here with a whole different outcome.

The whole business reminds me o' when I was fourteen an' I got a summer job workin' on buildin' houses for my uncle's company. The first job given to me was to move the outside toilet on the jobsite. Thankfully the foreman took pity on me an' told me exactly what to do. That was one time I paid attention to instructions an' in no time, I had it done.

Instead of all this protestin' an' yellin' unfair (an other things) the women an their prosecutin' attorneys want to get their acts together an figure out how to charge these deviant perpetrators appropriately. I'll bet they'd have had a different outcome had they hired the lawyer who was Ghomeshi's solicitor. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.


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