Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Little Blue Pill

The Little Blue Pill

One of the things Viagra has done very successfully is to build its own brand with the little blue pill. It's got so now when somebody shows you a little blue pill, you automatically think of Viagra, just like you think of Kleenex when you reach for a tissue to blow yer nose. An' it's all done by innuendo, leaving a lot to the imagination. Pretty cool strategy I'd say.

The thing is, when ya start to get up there in age, ya start to develop a certain sense o' humor about them sorts o' things, childish humor though it may be. The other thing about gettin' up there in age is that ya gotta start takin' all kinds o' supplements like multi vitamins, iron pills an' all sorts o' other junk. I'm not fussy on any o' that, but every mornin' the Missus sets out a little tray o' pills I gotta swallow. She calls it my breakfast dessert. By that time my mornin' coffee's cold anyways, so I grab them pills, throw 'em in my mouth, take a swig o' cold coffee an it's all gone for the day.

The other thing that happens when ya start to get up into that age is that ya start without any rhyme or reason to get kinda creaky with aches an' pains all over yer body. The other night I crawled into bed an' it seemed my hips didn't want to lay down an' shut up. I was still creakin' around the next mornin' when the Missus wants to know what my problem is. So I tell her the truth. I ALWAYS tell her the truth. So she says there's no need for me to be in such pain. She's got somethin' for me. It works for her so I should try it.

She marches off to her private medicine stash an comes back with a little blue pill. "WHAT THE H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS THIS?" I say rather loudly. "Is this some sort of a joke?"

"Don't be a jackass," she says, "It's no joke. Just take it and you'll feel better."

Aside from always tellin' her the truth, I always do exactly as she tells me to, so I swallow the little blue pill an' hope for the best. Turns out it ain't Viagra at all. It's Advil which is an anti inflammatory medicine with some aspirin in it. So it's good for arthritis AND the heart all at the same time. An' by gum, it works. Who'da thought? The other thing that works is to shut up an' listen to the Missus an' don't complain. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.


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