Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Real American Fear

The Real American Fear

The Koch brothers still own the United States of America, at least the government anyways. Their network of companies contributing to lobbies and funding of politicians pretty well gives them control of anything the government does or doesn't do. So two brothers control the one percent that controls the other ninety-nine percent. It's a little like the DeBeers diamond game. Every once in a while the Russians put a whole slug o' diamonds on the market so DeBeers just buys 'em up an' the price stays the same. Them boys got deep pockets!

No, the Koch brothers ain't worried at all. They got a big enough pension to see 'em through whatever storms might come up. It's the government people an' the Congress an' the Senate people who are quakin' in their collective boots. It's no wonder they're startin' to get nervous. More an' more protests are croppin' up over treatment of black people, the water situation in Flint Michigan, police brutality, Aboriginal issues, ad infinitum. Until now, they've kinda got used to the rhetoric an' just keep swaggerin' around collectin' their inflated salaries an' whatever other perks come their way, hopin' it will all come to nothin'.

But the American public, misled as they appear to be, have said to H E Double Hockey Sticks with Washington an' the governmental establishment, now we got a business man NOT a politician who's gonna straighten them buggers out once an' for all! We want him an' the devil take the hindmost!

So all of a sudden you got all them politicians runnin' around buyin' up all the Depends diapers they can get their hands on an whalin' on Trump to get him to NOT be the Republican delegate for a run at the Presidency. The whole Republican Party has begun it's slide down the slippery slope into a black hole from which there is no return.

They might well take a lesson from the man who rescued his donkey that had fallen down a well. He had kept shovelin' dirt in it to fill it in an' the donkey kept steppin' up on the new dirt until it finally stepped out o' the well, good as new. Well you'd hope they'd accumulate enough brains to figure that out, but in the mean while, they've been Trumped! At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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