Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ah, The Ides of March

Ah, The Ides of March

Wasn't that the day Julius Caesar was assassinated? Yep, it was. I just looked it up an' that was the day he went to the theatre when Brutus hauled out a knife an' stabbed him to death within the sight of about sixty or so senators. Well THAT sparked a civil war in the country an' turned it into turmoil. It wasn't more'n four years later that Caesar Augustus ordered some three hunnert senators to be butchered to do penance for Julie's death.

Well I don't really know the details o' the story 'cause I wasn't there but I kind'a like Wayne an' Shuster's version of it that I saw on You Tube so I'll stick with that. It's more entertainin' anyways. You can look it up if ya want. I remember Julie's Missus sayin' to him: "Julie, don't go." But he went anyways an' got stabbed in the heart. No one will ever really know if he was just gettin' outta the house to get away from the Missus' naggin' or he just wasn't payin' attention again.

Well the whole thing is an eerie reflection of what's happenin' in the U. S. these days. Not that any particular person is goin' to physically get a knife in his (or her) heart, but figuratively speakin', that's exactly the case. In the instance o' Rome though, it changed from being the Roman Republic to bein' the Roman Empire. That begs the question about the United States of America becomin' the Divided States of America. Could happen you know. They tried it once before an' after half a million people lay dead on American soil, they figured out it wouldn't work. Maybe enough time has passed so they've forgotten about the civil war - or they heard about that Jackass in the farmer's well an' figured they'd renew the whole republican party. Given the logos of the two parties, that wouldn't work out neither since the donkey emblem belongs to the democrats. HOLY CRACKERS! Does that mean the Republicans are goin' to turn into Democrats? Or does that mean they're all tarred with the same brush? Now THAT wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

To tell the truth, that whole Barnum an' Bailey show leaves me non-plussed. They're just a bunch o' Americans bangin' on their drums an' puttin' on a freak show. I wouldn't mind though if they pulled that off the television a little more an' let me watch golf, or see the grass grow or maybe even watch some paint dry. That'd be a whole lot more wholesome than them dad-ratted liars spinnin' their stupid tales an' coverin' up their real personalities. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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