Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life is just Plain Silly

Life is Just Plain Silly!

Well just think about it. Oh, maybe not - not unless yer of a certain age. It seems the older ya get, the sillier life becomes. In fact when ya get really old, it gets downright plumb stupid, an' that's no lie!

Take that singer that everybody goes nuts over. I call her "Yell Adele". That's a pretty accurate term I think. Good grief, if ya gotta listen to her yellin "Hello" all day long, that's pretty strong punishment. Yet people go batty over her. I don't get it. Is that even music? An I don't even wanna think about the dancin' that goes on these days. What would aliens think if they were to watch our "dancin'" behaviour? Somehow we gotta get a little respect or the aliens will start to talk all over the universe.

An' did ya ever notice how people between the ages of thirty to sixty have got all the answers to every situation under the sun? They got opinions too, the main one bein' that if you don't agree with them you're an idiot. You gotta remember that these are the people who run businesses or wash windows or work in fast food places or are presidents or prime ministers of countries. All I gotta say is how's that goin for ya? Not that I'm bein' judgmental or anythin' like that. No not me, I'm old an' retired after all.

What it all comes down to is what's already up there on the top shelf. These young whippersnappers got all the answers, or at least opinions on all the answers. And the opinions and answers are all cast in stone. What they fail to grasp is that there's more "been there/done that" knowledge up there where they put us old geysers than they could ever fathom. Of course it would never occur to them to take us down once in a while to see what that they can use.

So the whole business can be briefly summed up in David Suzuki's response to the question of how he wanted to be remembered after his passin'. He was shocked at the question, askin' why he should care. He'd be dead anyways an' what people thought was none o' his concern.

An' that there is human life; full circle. We're born, grow up to know everything there is to know, get put on a shelf and forgotten about until we croak an' then somebody wants to remember us for who we were. It's just plain silly, or at least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.





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