Saturday, April 30, 2016



That's the new response around our house. And it's apparently all one word. It used to be; "I care, but not that much", but that appears to have changed over time. Seems we are carin' less an' less these days. Stands to reason. We're getting' older an' the older we get, the less there is to care about. Well, not that things is any less urgent or important than they used to be. But we (some of us) just don't give a rip anymore. That may have more to do with our own irrelevance than with the importance of the issue(s).

I says to the Missus; "Would you like to go for a walk this mornin'?"

The Missus replies; "idontcare."

Me; "Hey, how about that Duffy trial? He sure gave the PMO a shellackin'".

The Missus; "idontcare."

Me; "You wanna go to the mall today?"

The Missus; "idontcare."

Well I could go on an' on but I don't dare in case the 'idontcare' turns into an expletive o' some sort or other. This is a quiet household an' we don't need no cussin' goin' on around here!

Yesterday the Missus, in somewhat of a sour mood exclaims "Well it's Tuesday an' then - WTF!"

"HEY! Listen up," I yell at her in an authoritative attempt to restore some civility to her dad blamed language. "I know what them anagrams mean an' we'll have no cussin' round here without a good mouthwash o' Tabasco sauce!"

"Aw, ya old fool," she retorts. "Ya didn't let me finish! The anagram is for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday an' then it'll be Saturday when we get to go to the concert."

 "Oh." Apparently she's developed a wry sense o' humour too.

"Well ya do want to go to the concert don't ya? Ya bought the tickets for our anniversary."

"idontcare" I says as nonchalantly as I could.

Well if ya can't beat 'em ya might as well join 'em. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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