Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Politics of War

The Politics of War


I don't know if I've got the title o' this blog right or not. Perhaps it oughta be the War of Politics. Maybe it should be both. Don't matter much one way or the other anyways. I was listenin' to that eminent and enlightened leader o' the opposition, Rona Ambrose the other day talkin' about the war on Isis. Of course there was an exchange back an' forth about the whole business an' it got me to thinkin' about what in the H E double hockey sticks are these civilians doin' makin' decisions about a war anyways?

 Ambrose was "talkin'" about us takin' the fighter jets out of the Isis conflict, calling the new plan naïve. "But we're not fighting" she whined, completely ignorin' the new strategy presented by the government. The fact that the minister of defense is a Lt. Colonel with more service than you can shake a stick at an' more badges than an Eagle scout troop put together is totally lost on her. An' the rhetoric spewed out by a number of retired generals obviously don't mean a thing to her.

Well I got some startlin' news for Ms. Ambrose. She ain't the expert here. Well I'm no expert neither but that don't make me stupid. Even as far back as Alexander the Great they had state o' the art equipment to mow down the majority o' the enemy with them chariots with knives on the wheels to butcher opposin' soldiers an' their horses as they rode into the fray. But that never won the war. What won the war was the foot soldiers, the infantry goin' door to door an' rootin' out the rabble. An you only have to talk to WWII veterans to see the value o' the Princess Pats an' the Winnipeg Rifles in takin' out the enemy garbage. Some o' them folks are still around an' can attest to the Minister's plan.

Minister Saijan understands this. Well he ought to. He's seen a lot o' service in his day an' knows what needs to be done. In fact his plan strikes exactly the right balance. Trainin' local troops to take the fight to the enemy an bein' there with 'em while they're doin' it is not only a stroke of military genius, but is likely also a political maneuver to elevate our standin' in that part o' the world over an' above all them flashy bombers an' drones that get all the news. At least, that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.


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