Saturday, February 20, 2016

Confirmation of Ignorance

Confirmation of Ignorance 

I know I said I wasn't goin' to write negative things nomore, but REALLY, some things gotta be challenged, or if not challenged, at least noted. I'm talkin' about that Jian Ghomeshi thing that's just been through the courts. And no, I got no opinion of who's right or wrong neither. Well I got an opinion, but it's not about that. It's about the most colossal bit of ignorance mankind has put together since that gawl danged snake whispered in Eve's ear.

 "Hey Eve," says the snake, " I can show you how to make people just like God does."

"No kiddin'," says Eve. "Sounds cool." So the snake explains everythin' to Eve an' she hightails it right over to Adam an' talks him into tryin' it out. "This is fun," he says, an' they carry on - but no humans get created. That snake musta lied about makin' humans. But it's so much fun, they don't much care about makin' humans anyways.

One day God is wandering around in the Garden of Eden lookin' for them two, but they're hidin' in the bushes "havin' fun" when he comes upon them. "HEY!" says God. "WHATDYA THINK YER DOIN'?"

"Oh, we was just tryin' out our carnal knowledge that the snake told us about. It's a lot o' fun but it sure don't make no humans. Why didn't ya tell us about this?"

"I'LL SHOW YA CARNAL KNOWLEDGE ALRIGHT!" says God in a great thunderin' voice. "Now get yer sorry arses outa my garden an' go to work for a livin!"

Well first thing ya know Eve gets knocked up an' sure enough she pops out a couple o' boys. Well, they ARE humans, but they're just little buggers so now she's gotta teach 'em the facts o' life an' raise 'em up, which she's just learnin' about herself.

It seems women have a very short memory about the pain o' givin' birth though 'cause somehow Eve went an' populated the whole dang world. It's just like them Ghomeshi women who was yelpin' an' commiseratin' about mistreatment an' then lookin' for more o' the same after the fact. This was pointed out by Ghomeshi's lawyer who is apparently an advocate of the abuse of women.

I pity the poor judge what's gotta rule on this whole stupid fiasco. It's a good job I ain't rulin' on it or I'd end up in the slammer for sure. It appears that we started out ignorant in the very beginnin' an' we ain't learnt nothin' since. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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