Saturday, February 13, 2016

About Goin' to Mars

About Goin' to Mars

At first this was goin' to be a frivolous piece about goin' to Mars cause there ain't no intelligent life left on this earth. Not a bad idea. But then I got to thinkin', what's all that about? I mean, there is still intelligent life on this earth. It's just very hard to find in our leadership. Well the scientists and space engineers come up with a new idea. Let's all go to Mars, they said. We can do it. It's possible. But there's only one little hitch: It's a one-way trip. There ain't no space ship comin' back to earth any time soon. So basically, it's a little bit like dyin' except that ya won't be dead (presumably) when ya get there. In other words, yer draggin' all yer worldly baggage to another planet to continue with the same old bunkum we been goin' through down here on earth.

That certainly don't make a whole lot o' sense. Might as well call on the Grim Reaper. He don't charge ya nothin' to take you to one of two places other than Mars. An' with this new assisted dyin' legislation bein' considered (or not), you can go on a one way trip for a fraction o' the cost (paid for by Medicare), an' in the comfort o' yer own bed. Chances are fifty-fifty that you'll end up in heaven instead o' the other place (or Mars). An' ya don't even need to take a suitcase or carry on luggage. He just drops you off at whatever gate yer assigned to an' you go on yer merry way. For me, I got friends in both places so it don't make no difference either way.

This is a lot of information to take in an' consider if yer tryin' to decide what to do. But suddenly another element came into focus when the Missus was tryin' to tell me somethin'. I noticed I can't hear as good as I used to. What she was yammerin' about was that if I was to go out somewheres with her, I'd better go shave my ugly face. Holy Crackers! I'd completely forgot for the last I don't know how many days. Well I been doin' that a lot too lately - forgettin' that is. I don't know if it's forgettin' as much as it is becomin' disengaged. That's probably it: bein' disengaged. An' there's the answer right there. Ya don't have to pay a gazillion bucks to go on a one way trip to Mars, or go live on the other side o' the sod to get away from ignorant humanity. Ya become disengaged!

I think the Missus got it right when she said, "I care - but not THAT much." Words to live by. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.



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