Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Folly of Color

The Folly of Color


Listen, every last one of us comes from the Serengeti, if you go back far enough. Somewhere between Tanzania and Kenya, near lake Victoria in East Africa is where mankind originated. That’s where the source of humanity is. That’s where we all have a single set of ancestors. How about that? A gazillion years ago our (ad infinitum) grandparents lolled around the beach on lake Victoria an, produced a whole slew o’ kids, who lolled around the beaches of lake Victoria an’ produced another slew o’ kids an’ so on an’ so forth until the whole gol dang beach was filled with human type critters. An’ there ain’t a single one o’ us that didn’t come from there.

Well, what color was we way back then? Nobody knows. One thing for sure though, we was all the same color – could’a been purple for all anybody knows. It wasn’t until we started movin’ round the globe that our color started to change. It had to do with climate. It wasn’t climate change like we got now, but human change because o’ climate. Them that went to Europe turned white for example an’ them in Asia turned a variety of anywhere from yellow to taupe, dependin’ where they landed.

So the first thing they all noticed was that each group is different than the other – which led to an “us an’ them” mentality. Hunh, wouldn’t ya know it? The “us’s” are all thinkin’ they’re superior to the “thems” – an’ the debates an’ justifications keep on comin’. The Iranians say Aryans come from there. They’ve been there forever – even longer’n forever in fact. The Germans, since Hitler an’ Himmler don’t buy the argument. Naw, they must be German(ic) accordin’ to them. Well they got the blue eyes an’ fair skin so they must be Aryan. The only thing they don’t seem to notice is how red their necks get when you point out their stupidity.

Me an’ the missus was walkin’ down by Bunn’s Creek a couple o’ years ago when we encountered one o’ them failed Aryans. He was complainin’ about the damage caused by young people on public property without consequences. Well, we agreed an’ first thing you know he’s railin’ about how such perpetrators would disappear in WWII Germany. He figured they was doin’ things right over there, but somehow the rest o’ the world didn’t agree. Sad really, he said.

We couldn’t get away from this crestfallen supremacist fast enough. I didn’t think such people still existed, but they do, and right here in Canada too.  I guess they’re everywhere. The one thing to remember is that we was all the same color once an’ any dilution had to do with climate differences an’ nothin’ to do with the politics o’ civilization. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.

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