Saturday, January 30, 2016

An Internal Conflict

 An Internal Conflict


"Talking Stick" is a story of inner conflict. It's very much like the "Two Wolves" except that there are three spirits in this case.

 The talking stick is an instrument of truth in the hands of him/her who holds it. It's not all that easy to assemble all the elements of a tale when it involves only one person. Still, once its premise is understood, it sends a powerful message to the reader/listener about his/her inner conflicts.

I had originally written the story to be read in print and so it was easy to identify the father, son and daughter who are all part of the inner spirit, but it became a little more complicated when I narrated it into an audio version. Still, I hope it packs its original punch for the listener.

We all have different facets to our personalities, some desirable, some not so much. But they are all there for us to deal with on a daily basis. Often the choices we make reflect the outcome of whatever is to follow and it isn't all that easy to reverse the process. What I wanted to get across was the importance of a consciousness of these different sides of ourselves so that we would have the ability to select our approach to life in general.

Well the story turns out to be a long-winded tale of adventure fuelled by my over - active imagination, although looking back the pieces all fit and while it is a lesson in life, it is as thought provoking as it is entertaining. And that makes it a good story.

I often think of this particular story when I watch the actions and attitudes of people and how they interchange seamlessly between kindness, rage, and tranquility. It's amazing how many characters can co-exist in one spirit all at the same time without conflicting with one another. Often the host is not even aware of which mantle he/she puts on and THAT'S where the danger lies. We need to recognize our mood and assess the situation before we act rather than wait until after the fact. Forgiveness is not always that easy to get without leaving a permanent stain on the perpetrator. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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