Saturday, January 16, 2016

All that Noise

All That Noise.

We was talkin' the other day about how people present theirselves on the TV or in public places. Seems they gotta have a lot o' noise made for 'em in their introduction. Even the American president in his state of the Union address was announced in as; "Ladies and gentlemen. The President of the United States!" What? Didn't they think we could recognize him as he walked up to the podium? Well at least he was wearin' a proper suit an' was shaved clean. That's more'n can be said for them other celebrities. The way some o' them MCs carry on, you'd think they was either introducin' some giant superstar or, he's so far back in the Green Room, he can't hear otherwise.

"An' now, ladies and gentlemen, here's  . . . . blah blah blah!" So the giant, shiny celebrity yer expecting comes prancing out from behind the curtain (all five foot two of him) unshaven, wearin' a nice suit coat, blue jeans an' red sneakers with white laces. That's what all that yellin' was about? Not to criticize the man's (or woman's) stature but holy Hanna, what a let down.

Speakin' o' women, they seem to have got organized into a cadre o' instant breast feeders. This is a whole new barrage o' half naked women, some o' whom hadn't ought to be, no matter what amount o' makeup they slather on. There was a short stint there where they was dressed up to right under the chin, but that's over apparently. It obviously wasn't a very popular look.

Well, that's the way they operate on the TV an' on radio an' in public places. Of course they got them signs all around that say "applause" that ya never get to see unless you're on the scene. The point is that you sees what ya sees, or hears what ya hears, no matter how loud ya yell about it. Ain't no amount o' noise gonna cover up the imperfections of the participant. I just wish the TV an' radio stations had an automatic dimmer switch to control the yellin'.  Usually all that hoopla an yellin' at the top o' yer lungs ain't worth what ya get. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.


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