Saturday, November 7, 2015

Political Arithmetic

Political Arithmetic 

I was chucklin over Trudeau's promise to have an equal distribution of men an' women in his twenty-five member cabinet. Well, if you divide twenty-five in two, you end up with half a man an' half a woman in the mix. He must'a learned his arithmetic from that new method o' teachin' that they have in schools these days. As far as I know, ya can't split any odd number in two an' come up with two whole even numbers. Maybe he'd have to get two people under three feet tall an' combine them as one to share a portfolio an' make up the equal number that way. That was what struck my funny bone cause I noticed there wasn't any people that size elected to parliament.

Well, what do I know anyways? It turns out that the prime minister is the odd man out or even man in, in this case. That is to say, he is not only the Prime Minister, but he's also part of the cabinet (I guess). So he can have any odd number in the cabinet he wants an' still have half men an' half women. As for himself, he has his father's body an' his mother's hair, so I guess that counts for two o' somethin' too.

An' Trudeau's not the only one who can count politically neither. Angela Merkel is another one has her eye an' her numbers an' on the future. The seemingly unrestricted flow of migrants into Germany has citizens increasingly upset, but she's countin' the agin' number o' Germans who ain't makin' any young Germans nomore an' is wonderin' who's goin' to take over the work load a few years down the road. She's learned from the Chinese government what happens when the birthrate drops off significantly. Them people are busy findin' an' rescuin' older people with all kinds o' dementia every day an' bringin' them back home with nobody there to watch over 'em. So they have to do it all over again the very next day. It's a huge problem. Who's goin' to be left to push the wheelchairs in a few years? An' who's going to go to work to earn the money to buy the wheelchairs in the first place? I read that in certain places in Spain they ain't makin' any little Spaniards nomore neither. So it seems you need that special political arithmetic to balance the population an' the budget. We shouldn't ask too many questions an' sooner or later the budget will balance itself. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.

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