Friday, April 10, 2015

The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get!

The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get!

I guess that's what happens when you are a chronic multi-tasker. You get to a point of having so many jobs on the go at one time, you need to make a list and maybe even a road map of where each project is located.

That would be all right if none of them had any problems. But of course that never happens. I don't remember a time when I had a job to do that went perfectly smoothly. I don't think I'd know what to do if that ever occurred. Case in point: About three months ago I embarked on a new way to produce "Talking eBooks" where the synchronization of sound was equal to the speed of the rolling script. When it works, it's better than anything else I've seen. Perfect! When it doesn't, it's terrible. It seems that Mennonite cusswords which are usually made up phrases having to do with farm animals and/or fence posts are misunderstood by Adobe. Suffice it to say that under my old, obsolete free editing system, I managed to put together chapter one of "Michael". Only nine more to go, but we live in hope.

In the midst of all this, my new website is up and looks great. Suddenly I am ready to present my "Talking eBooks" for sale. I had the whole formula figured out of how to provide deep discounts to allow buyers to direct the difference between the retail price and the discounted price to their favorite charity. It just seemed like the right thing to do, giving people the opportunity to support the charities THEY care about.

Well I can still do all that in terms of producing DVDs that can be watched on television players as well as on computers. But books in print - I haven't sold a book in months! I don't even think they do that anymore. In fact, I don't know how much longer DVDs and their players will be viable. Now it's all about live streaming (or something like that), whatever that means. I guess I'll have to figure that out. It's a darn shame that these techies keep changing everything up to suit themselves. Sooner or later we'll develop something that's enjoyable and beneficial to all (except maybe the techies) and move on.

Just sayin'.

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