Saturday, April 18, 2015

Preserving the Red Chamber

Preserving The Red Chamber


Well, now in we’re for it! Now we’ll see exactly how our democracy works. Originally designed to “allow representatives of Canada’s wealthy elite to veto legislation passed by politicians representing the common people”, it pretty well speaks to the intended rulership of the country. Its purpose was to veto potentially harmful legislation passed by the democratic rabble of the House of Commons much in the same way the British House of Lords did. But since Canada lacked its own aristocracy, it needed its own rules to qualify its Senators to be Senators.

Other than retired politicians, senators are usually picked from the ranks of accomplished Canadians (the definition of which is doubtful) who have achieved some degree of success in their various disciplines. They must be land owners in the province they represent and have a net worth of $4,000.00.

Enter Justin Trudeau. I don’t think anyone in politics grasped the depth of vision in Trudeau’s decision to kick all the liberal senators out of the Liberal Caucus. They still don’t. It’s inconceivable for any political party to turn it’s back on the cozy cloak of elite supporters and manipulators. With the stroke of a pen he has abolished the senate – at least in the Liberal Party. Whatever the opposition or even the Supreme Court says, he doesn’t care. There are no Liberal Senators – period.

Enter ex Senators Duffy, Brazeau and Wallin. These folks know the history of the Senate since 1867. And they’re doing no different than every other Senator, with a few exceptions, since that time. Perhaps they’re pushing the envelope a bit, and that could be deliberate, especially in Duffy’s case. He isn’t nearly the bumbling fat fool he presents himself to be. And neither is his lawyer in fact, or the judge in the case. I think they have an agenda to show the Senate up for the pork barrel it is, and the whole government system for its top down elitist attitude of ignoring the rank and file middle and lower classes. I hope I’m correct in that. Duffy would end up being a hero for the Canadian Public and Harper would be shown up for the buffoon that he is. And he would have to swallow the cost and shut up about it. Trudeau would, by that same pen stroke have proven that he has the interest of middle and lower class Canadians at heart. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.  

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