Saturday, December 27, 2014

Retirement - A New Career

Retirement – A New Career


Listen, it’s about time to start taking retirement seriously. This is after all an ever-lengthening career path we are all bound to follow. An’ it ain’t near as easy as it might seem neither. There’s a whole lot of trainin’ involved. It’s a little bit like when you graduated from high school an’ at the convocation you suddenly realized that the life you’ve known an’ become familiar with all them years is suddenly over. There’s no way to get it back an’ now you’re facin’ the unknown, without any tools to help you cope.

Well that’s not entirely true neither. Somewhere in yer long life, some o’ the things ya learned have got to have stuck somewheres in yer brain. See, that’s the first thing ya gotta learn, that ya ain’t entirely useless. We get the idea that when our workin’ life is done, we’re done too. Not so! Far from it, we got a long time ahead of us. It’s called retirement. Now it’s a matter of choosin’ what ya wanna retire at. An’ if ya find ya don’t fancy whatever ya pick, ya can just throw it away an’ try somethin’ else. That’s the beauty of retirement. Ain’t nobody can tell ya what to do (or how to do it) within reason. It has largely to do with budget of course. Ya can’t embark on an ocean cruise in a canoe after all. Well there’s that an’ of course it might get the Missus a tad annoyed if ya tried carvin’ a totem pole with a chain saw in the livin’ room.

The thing is the importance o’ research. Well heck, it’s not as though you ain’t got the time. It’s different than it was when you was workin’ an’ tryin’ to think o’ what retirement would be like durin’ coffee breaks. Now you can crawl up into yer easy chair an’ spend some quality time daydreamin’. If somethin’ comes to mind you might like to try, spend the time to research it all around an’ if it still sounds good, go for it. If it don’t work out, just throw it away an’ start the whole process all over again.

See how easy that is? In fact, you can choose two or three things to work on at the same time, just to avoid the possibility of boredom. There’s just so many possibilities to retirement that you can make a whole career outta pickin’ somethin’ to retire with, without ever even do anythin’. It turns out that retirement will be the best career you’ll ever have an’ you’ll wish you’d started it earlier in life. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

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