Saturday, December 20, 2014

More About Evolution

More About Evolution


I figured I was finished with the subject of evolution after that blog about two weeks ago, but no there’s more goin’ on than meets the eye apparently. I was watchin’ my daughter typin’ away on her what-you-macall-it Ipad/Ipod, sendin’ out a text message – with nothin’ but her dad blamed thumbs. They was goin’ up an’ down like little trip hammers, like the telegraphers dots an’ dashes, sendin’ out a message of some sort. Well I’d never seen anythin’ like that before an’ it struck my funny bone. I remarked out loud that I wondered if they had such a thing as two thumb typin’ lessons. So now it was all our turns to laugh.

Well, just hold ‘er right there Newt. Like I usually do, I Googled it an’ wouldn’t ya know it, there was a whole bunch o’ sites about thumb typin, an’ designin’ new configurations to make it easier an’ faster to do. Seems I can’t ever think of a brand-new idea but somebody has already beat me to it.

But to the point of evolution, I started to think about what would happen to our hands by adoptin’ this new style of thumb communicatin’. It seemed that we’d end up with one long pointy digit at the end of each hand an’ the rest would just be little stubs.

Turns out that ain’t true neither. Well ya got yer trigger finger that’s needed fer all them wars we’re fightin’ for starters. Then ya got yer “Up Yours” finger which is very important fer road rage an’ sundry other things these days. Don’t altogether discount the ring finger neither. It’s gained some popularity these days with all them same sex marriages. I guess it’s a place for symbolism that’ll keep it’s place of importance for a while yet. Then of course there’s the pinky finger which is altogether necessary fer pickin yer nose or yer ears or even raisin’ up when yer drinkin’ a cuppa tea. That one’ll never go outta style.

Whew, that’s a relief! Fer a while there I was thinkin’ our great grandchildren ain’t even goin’ to be able to shake hands no more. Who am I kiddin’? They don’t do that no more anyways. They just do fist bumps an high fives these days an’ who knows what they’ll be doin’ next? They’ll probably be just textin’ one another. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.


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