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You gotta keep yer eyes an’ ears open if you wanna spot the evolutionary changes in humanity. This ain’t just for archaeologists to discover thousands of years later, but right here an’ now you can see it happenin’ before yer very eyes! It’s sorta like the global warmin’ of the human kind. There’s all kinds o’ warnin’ signs all around us that we just don’t see until we start to put it all together an’ then it becomes as plain as the nose on yer face.

Let me give you an example. There was a little cartoon on facebook the other day where a guy is talkin’ on the phone. He says to whoever is on the other end o’ the line, “Did ya have to call? Couldn’t ya just text me?” That kinda reveals the idea of what’s happenin’ here, of how we communicate nowadays.

I’ll put it in more vivid context for you. One of our granddaughters dropped in for a visit last night. She and her Oma were chattin’ about shoppin’ on Black Friday (which the Missus had inadvertently done). The Missus was complainin’ she didn’t realize how busy it was gonna be. So our Samantha, a young, upwardly mobile, well educated, well traveled professional woman pipes up an’ says the malls are all full o’ HUMANS! An’ she HATES humans! In fact she says she will rather go to the scan an’ pay aisle at the grocery store just to avoid the grouchy HUMAN cashier. Normally, Samantha is a very kind, caring person so this attitude is a bit of an anomaly. But I guess we all have our preferences and/or maybe off days.

What I was getting’ at here was the general attitude o’ the young people an’ the impact on the shopping malls an’ big box stores, not to mention the future of robotics. It kinda looks like the shoppin’ malls an’ big box stores only future will be as giant warehouses to ship out online orders with a largely robotic population, leavin’ HUMAN jobs out of the mix as much as possible. Amazon is already doin’ it.

So there you have it. Shopping Centers and big box stores will soon be giant warehouses, but at least THEY will be salvageable. HUMANS on the other hand are already expendable an’ might just as well become extinct. As long as you got yer scanners an’ the internet, who needs them anyways. An’ it’s just in time too. Our world population is bustin’ at the seams an we got to downsize. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin.





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