Saturday, September 20, 2014




Here we go again. Scotland is holding a referendum on separation from the United Kingdom. In other words, the United Kingdom has the possibility of becoming unhinged or un-united if you will. Sound familiar? It seems there’s always somebody wanting independence, or at the very least, association with a different entity. In this case, the Scottish people just want shut of the bloody British. They’ve been wantin’ that since Mary, Queen of Scots had her head chopped off. Later in fact, when Bonny Prince Charlie got his army together to defeat them buggers, he found his own warriors to be so savage, it made him puke an’ run back to France. At least that’s one o’ the stories I heard.

Well at least the Scots are bein’ civilized about it (for the moment). They’re not like them Russian Ukrainians or Ukrainian Russians or them Isis creatures in Iraq. Them people (if you can call them people) provide a whole new dimension to independence. Liars, cheaters an’ thieves, they make Hitler an’ Stalin seem normal. I’ll tell you, I’ve been a pacifist all my life, but these critters sure test the limits o’ that. It seems them Isis folks are makin’ up their own religion an’ callin’ it Muslim. What confuses me is why the rest of the Muslims don’t move in an’ shut ‘em down once an’ for all. It would sure bode well for Islam’s credibility if they did. But instead, they leave it up to the damned Christians who couldn’t find their rear ends with both hands behind their backs. But I digress.

In what’s now called the “Global Village”, we all seem to want to be separate, yet we want to belong to something other than what we are already part of. That’s even evident from our social behavior. No matter where you go you see people travelin’ in groups, all busy on their what-you-macall-it phone pads, talkin’ to somebody else (or to no one in particular). Well you might equate that to the Ukrainian situation. Them Russians who’re livin’ there kind’a like it. They got good jobs, education for the kids, an’ all the amenities they want. Only problem is they’re livin’ on Ukrainian soil. So instead of pullin up stakes an movin’ to Russia, they want to turn the Ukraine INTO Russia. Nice trick you’se guys! They know full well where Putin would relocate them to if they emigrated back to the mother country. In Belgium there’s a current uproar of Muslims demandin’ a change in school lunch diets to conform to their religion. OH REALLY?

Well I think on that basis, Me an’ my family an’ friends ought’a move into Buckingham Palace. Once we’re settled, we’ll get the Queen to do some renovations to suit us. That should be fun. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.

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