Saturday, May 27, 2017

Oh God - Part Nineteen

Oh God – Part Nineteen
            “Intel? That’s information you gather about somebody you’re snoopin’ on.”
            “Would that be like intelligence?”
            “Ya, somethin’ like that.”
            “You talk funny, Schwartz.”
            “That’s how everybody talks these days.”
            “Why? What’s wrong with sayin’ the word ‘intelligence’?”
            “It’s too long! Nobody’s got time for that.”
            “What? You got that much to talk about, or too much to do?”
            “Both,” said Schwartz. “Life gets busier and busier. That’s why we have to rely on acronyms in order to get everything said and done.”
            “Schwartz,” said God, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “You’re sittin’ here at our dinner table, havin’ a conversation an’ I don’t see anythin’ that’s so busy we haven’t got time to talk about it.”
            “Ah, time. That was probably one of the dumbest things you people ever thought up. I gave you time. I gave you daylight and darkness. Your ancestors used it well and wisely. They lived according to its law and did so very well. So what’s your problem?” asked God.
            “Well there are so many things to do and to discover about our world, we just don’t have the time to do it all!”
            “Well. LOL with that!”
            Schwartz was trying very hard to control his frustration. “That’s not even the right acronym,” he snorted.
            “I know,” laughed God, “but it works either way, doesn’t it?”

            Schwartz couldn’t say anything.

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