Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oh God - Part Eighteen

Oh God – Part Eighteen
            “I hear you’ve got Alf Loewen up here to fix Tony’s harp,” commented God casually, sitting suddenly beside Schwartz. “Good move.”
            “If I can make St. Peter happy, it’ll be a relief,” replied Schwartz. “Loewen’s pretty good at what he does.”
            “No question. Professionally he’s the best. Personally – well that’s another matter. But I’ll leave you with him.”
            Schwartz left Tony washing and straightening his wings, humming a haunting little tune, and went looking for old acquaintances he might encounter. There were so many people here he found it hard to focus. Oddly enough they seemed to all know one another. He didn’t know anybody.
            Loewen, having finished with Tony’s harp, commented to Schwartz, “Nice place you got here.”
            “Thanks, I like it.”

            “How’d you get here anyways?”
            “I don’t really know. I was workin’ on makin’ a new language for people to use universally when I suddenly ended up here talkin’ to God. It seems he gets a little crotchety when people are tryin’ to figure out is world.  They keep tryin’ an’ he keeps catchin’ them. Since I was workin’ on that project, I guess he figured we needed to have a chat.”
            “Strange,” said Loewen. “After what I done in my ‘alive’ world, I never thought I’d end up here.”
            “You sound remorseful Loewen.”
            “Of course I’m remorseful. Who wouldn’t be? When you’re alive in the real world you do such stupid things that ya can’t take back. There should be a set of instructions that come with bein’ born,” Loewen lamented.
            “I think there is,” noted Schwartz. “I’m gonna find out, get some intel from my grandma. She’s gotta be up here somewhere’s.”

            “What’s an ‘intel’,” Loewen wanted to know.

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