Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata
Well why not? Listen, we've survived the likes o' Genghis Kahn, Hannibal, Napoleon, Joe Stalin, Adolph Hitler, to name just a few, an' we're still here - plottin' other ways to screw up the world an' the people in it. So far we ain't managed it. So I say Hakuna Matata, a Swahili expression roughly meanin "no worries" that was used in the movie "Lion King" to great success. That's what made me think of it and think of how appropriate it is in the fate of the (human) world.
Well when I think about England divorcin' itself from Europe and leavin' itself open to attack from the other countries in the EU through that tunnel under the English Channel I say Hakuna Matata! An' the French bein' mowed down by their own country men in massive killin' sprees, or the Turks repealin' the capital punishment law just long enough to execute some six thousand people accused of treason, I say Hakuna Matata! An' let's not forget our neighbors south of the border. As they follow their presidential candidates into the sewer hole of hell = who cares? The only people startin' to cheer are the Indigenous people at the opportunity to get rid of the descendants of them disease ridden, money grubbin' palefaces. An' even as black people lose their fear of the mock justice system an' go after the cops, who cares? I say Hakuna Matata.
Well I can't leave out Canada's chosen people, the Albertans. They appear to have been given the divine right to expect a hundred dollar a barrel oil revenue and to be able to ship it however an' wherever they want, regardless of spills an' pipeline breaks, an if they don't get their way, blame it on Rachel Notley. It seems to be their God given right to waste our water on frackin, pollute rivers an' streams, poisonin' fish an' wildlife an' why are people wastin' time on science anyways? Well to these people I say Hakuna Matata! Karma will find you sooner or later.
See, I don't have to worry about what other people do or think. I can't do anythin' about it anyways. So I end up bein' much happier sayin' Hakuna Matata, an' let Karma take care o' the rest. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.
Just sayin'.

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