Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Search for Happily Ever After

The Search for Happily Ever After 

We're always searchin' for somethin' we don't seem to have within our grasp, be it our car keys or everlastin' life or happily ever after. Well okay, ya can have yer car keys if ya know where ya put 'em, but for the other, it's just a pipe dream. People have been chasin' after the elixir o' life for hundreds o' years an' never found it. But they're still lookin'. Right now they're figurin' out how to do brain transplants. Can you imagine that? They're gonna take some o' them cryogenically frozen bodies they got stored in them fancy freezers, thaw 'em out an' stick new brains in 'em. Well I suppose all that's mechanically possible. The brain after all is just a very complicated magneto ya ought to be able to stick into an old chassis, an' even the chassis can be overhauled with new parts an' pieces. Good luck with that!

"Happily Ever After" however, involves the human spirit. So far, the only folks talkin' about "happily ever after" is them bible thumpers whose guarantee is directly proportionate to the amount o' money ya put into their coffers. But they usually get caught up in one scam or another, which puts a lie to their schemes. Scientists on the other hand don't ever even mention the human spirit. I don't know if they figure it's connected to or is part o' the brain, but they seem to have ignored it. Granted, science an' mechanics do a lot o' wonderful things, no question about it. But there's always a part missin' somewheres. Like the massive hoopla about the Big Bang theory - now they figured it out an' they think that's the end. But they still don't know who done it. So they're exactly at nowhere.

It's the same thing with the human spirit. The limitless and unstoppable force of it wills the body to come along and do it's bidding. And that ain't a brain function as far as I can tell. In fact, I'd be willin' to bet that the spirit ain't a human thing in the first place. I figure if you was able to find the who dunnit of the big bang theory, you'd also find the who dunnit of the human spirit, whatever or whoever you wanna call it. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.


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