Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Great White North

The Great White North


Well it ain't all that white no more, what with global warming and all, but it's still great in size, second only to Russia (which ain't that far away). An' when it comes down to it, there ain't nobody up there other than a handful o' Inuit an' a whole lot o' wildlife. Well, I shouldn't discount the oil an' gas drillers an' the miners who are causin' all the disruption to the environment.

The reason I mention that is in connection with the terrible disturbances goin' on in Europe over refugees enterin' (or trying to) Austria, Germany, Sweden, etc. in search of a better life. Ya can't really blame the refugees for fleein' their homelands, to escape all the wars an' rape an' plunder an' corruption goin' on. But see where they look for refuge. They wanna be in places like Vienna or Berlin or Stockholm where there's good economic activity, not in some God-forsaken cold place where they might have to bend their backs an' do something for theirselves. No, they'd rather be in places like Toronto or Vancouver where the livin' is easy. Well who can blame 'em? If you're lookin' for improvement, ya may as well go whole hog.

The Indigenous Peoples from around the world must be crackin' up laughin'. IT'S PAYBACK TIME! Obviously the Europeans don't much like it. When THEY was invadin' places like Africa, India, Australia an the Americas, well that was different. Now there's people comin' from all over lookin' to share in THEIR prosperity. It seems the only country brave enough to act on this crisis is Germany. They're prepared to take up to eight hundred thousand refugees. Well of course, they got the experience from when the Berlin wall came down. Ain't nobody noticed how their economy has flourished since that time?

Well, to the great white north: There's yer port o' Churchill. Just sittin' there watchin' all them foreign boats go by, an' now even Chinese boats. An' all ya got is people comin' to watch the polar bears eatin' garbage. That port should be an' could be a port to equal Singapore if it were properly peopled an' operated. An' the whole gawl dang north could be managed an preserved as an eco tourist area like only the Africans know how to do, managin' migration routes of animals an' a balance of wildlife an' human interaction in concert with the Denė an' Inuit. Intersperse that with a bunch o' Mennonites who would turn the fields into gardens an' crops like I said a couple o' weeks ago, an' you got a whole new Great Green North.

But you gotta have a plan. An' the government's left hand gotta shake hands with it's right hand so everybody knows what he/she's doin. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Jusr sayin'.




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