Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Cretien Magic

The Cretien Magic


Holy Crackers! I jumped up outta my chair an' stood at attention before I knew what I was doin'. There he was, large as life an' feisty as ever, openin' the conversation for his former boss's kid. What in the H E Double hockey sticks was he doin' there? The man is eighty years old an' yet he's actin' an' talkin' like a man o' forty, slicin' up the competition with a precision as only he can. He certainly aint lost his touch neither. In fact, if anythin' he's honed it somewhat.

Well an' I wasn't the only one cheerin' for the old politician neither. As he was finishin' up his speech, the whole crowd was yellin' "Cretien, Cretien, Cretien!" It was a magical moment. It took a little doin' for the kid to find his feet but, as if buoyed by the old master, he did an' delivered a pretty good campaign speech.

I can't remember bein' that excited about a political rally since the days of ol' John Diefenbacker. Them were the days when what the politicians said meant somethin'. At least that's what we believed at the time. It's a little different today when we don't even believe they're usin' their own names for heaven's sakes, never mind anythin' else.

Well, case in point: They come out with economic numbers the other day, sayin' we got a surplus, not a deficit. Harper's jumpin up an' down sayin "See, I told ya! Stick with me an I'll lead ya to prosperity." Of course, the opposition is climbin' all over this, citin' cuts to Immigration, Aboriginal Affairs, Veterans Affairs an' so on. Stick with them and make the changes that'll bring the middle class into prosperity. It's got to the point that no matter which o' them Pied Pipers we follow, we're gonna get led up the garden path and into prosperity (well at least up the garden path).

I got a problem believin' any one o' them politicians (for want of a better term), but if I were to lean toward any one, I'd go with the guy who's got the most ammunition. Trudeau seems to have that in the person of Cretien, so that's where I gotta lean. Holy crackers, I was ready to vote right then an' there last Sunday! But you know, his timing is way off. He should'a waited 'til about a week before the election to spring that surprise. That would have had a much greater effect on the election outcome. Timing is everything. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'. 


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