Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Moral Bank Account

A Moral Bank Account

Some of us have memory issues because we’re old farts an’ can’t focus properly nomore. Others have memory issues ‘cause they’re too lazy to focus on what they’re doin’. An’ still others have memory issues cause they’re so full o’ themselves anythin’ that don’t relate to them ain’t important enough to remember. All o’ that spells moral bankruptcy don’t it? (Well, all but us old farts anyways).

That’s what was goin’ through my mind while I looked up memory an’ visualization on the Google for somebody. Of course, I’d forgot about that too until the subject came up. But once I focused on it, it led me in another direction. Well I know what got me started on morals, but I’d rather not discuss it. Suffice it to say that through visualization we can convert our morals into, say, an interest bearin’ savin’s bank account. We’re all born with a certain number of credits in the account, maybe because we’re cute, or sleep a lot, or whatever. Anyways, we collect interest on that capital, an’ as we add to it, the interest grows at an alarmin’ rate. All of a sudden we find ourselves loved an’ respected an’ embraced by all who know us. Our moral bank account is in good shape! We’re rich!

An what’s the capital we must invest in our moral bank account? Well, a little bit of love for others for one thing, an’ respect, some truth, a bit of courage an’ some honesty an maybe even a little common sense an’ lastly some wisdom. These are all things that everyone has already  got an’ if not, they are things that can easily be acquired. You just gotta put them in your moral bank account an’ watch the interest grow. It ain’t that hard.

But should you withdraw that capital from yer account an’ perhaps invest in other pursuits such as amassing things an’ comforts for your own personal gain an’ at somebody else’s expense, there won’t be nothin’ to gather interest on in the moral bank account, now will there? See, that’s pretty straight forward. If ya don’t bring any o’ that stuff into a relationship (whatever that relationship might happen to be) there ain’t goin’ to be any interest in you or anythin’ you got to offer cause you ain’t got nothin’ to offer. You’ll be sittin’ there all by yerself with yer possessions an’ nobody to share ‘em with. Simple as that.

I never seen a capital investment that costs so little to establish an’ that bears such high interest to the investor. In my book it ought to be the first priority to personal enrichment. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.  


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