Saturday, October 19, 2013

I.Q vs, Common Sense

I.Q vs. Common Sense
There’s a big debate goin’ on over racial differences as they affect I.Q. I was quite intrigued with the discussions among a number of scholars citing studies and producing graphs to back up their claims. It wasn’t until I realized that some Frenchman invented the test around the turn of the last century that I realized that the standard was set to the European white society at that time. So the whole debate today is full o’ holes.

Well they said that the Australian Aborigines scored lowest on the comparison list, for example. Yet I remember a test done a number of years ago where a race across the outback between somebody on a motorcycle, another team in an overland vehicle, and an old Aborigine tracker walking on foot was held. You know of course that after about five days of racing the motorcyclist and the overland driver were each surprised to be greeted by the tracker who was already at the finish line. Go figure. Then just recently there was the little lost girl that nobody could find for about nine days with GPS, helicopters, sniffer dogs etc. Well another old tracker took off from the last place where the girl had been seen and within four hours returned with her in his arms. Go figure.

An’ then the Rogers Telecom System crashes an’ everybody is up in arms about it. I heard one lady say “What would we do in an emergency if we can’t get hold of anybody?” Can you believe that? Tell you what lady, in a situation like that, go to a person over seventy an’ ask them what to do. Once you get over the serious bump from them kicking your stupid I.Q. arse, they’ll tell you exactly what to do.

There was the time back in ’46 when the Weston Bakery employees decided to go on strike. Well holy Second World War all over again! No bread! NO BREAD? NO BREAD! What in the world would we do with no bread? The mothers wouldn’t be able to put peanut butter on them slices o’ cardboard they called bread no more. My mother never said a cussword in her life, but hearing this, she came about as close as damn at these idiot women who seemed to never have heard of baking your own darn bread.

So there ya go. I guess what we gotta do is to define this intelligence crap (or perhaps redefine it). It obviously has nothin’ to do with common sense. For my money you can take yer intelligence an’ stuff it where the sun don’t shine. Give me good old common sense any day. An’ that Frenchman who invented the I.Q. test, well he probably couldn’t bake a loaf o’ bread neither. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.

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