Saturday, March 10, 2012

New pile of Sand in the Sandbox

New Pile of Sand in the Sandbox
If I were to write a book on Canadian Politics, I’d call it “Who Flung Dung”. And the new supply in the sandbox isn’t really sand either. In fact the sandbox has turned into a manure pile. It’s filled to overflowing with political bullshit! Of course! What would I expect anyway? The suppliers are all politicians after all.
Imagine this schoolyard scene:
Opposition Parties: “You cheated – I’m telling!”
Government: “Prove it.”
Opposition Parties: “Teacher, teacher – he’s cheating!”
Teacher: “Boys, boys – what’s going on here?”
Opposition Parties: “It’s not me – it’s him!”
Government: “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
Opposition Parties: “Did too!”
Government: “Did not!”
Teacher: “I’m going to have to look into this. I’ll have an independent inquiry.”
Yada, yada, yada, yada – ad infinitum. Sound familiar? Well take it from the schoolyard to parliament, and that’s what you’ve got!
Yeah, and that’s what we really need – another ten million dollar inquiry to adjudicate the passing of political wind. If we keep going on these independent inquiries, we’ll end up with a whole independent inquiry department for heavens sakes.
I looked it up and found out that these political creatures earn one hundred fifty plus thousand a year. The idea is that you’ve got to pay out that kind of money to attract good people. And then, after six years, they’re eligible for a lifetime pension worth seventy percent of their salaries. Hey, there’s a lot of good out of work actors who would do the job for half the price, and probably more convincingly too.
From where I sit up on the top shelf, it wouldn’t make any difference anyway, whether it’s ‘no talent’ politicians feigning injury or a group of actors making decent entertainment out of it. The business of running the country doesn’t change anyway. It’s left in the hands of civil servants and bureaucrats. It’s well out of the realm of ‘who flung dung’ players.
Just sayin’.

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