Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's in the Jeans

It’s in the Jeans
Ah – where have all the flowers gone? Actually, I mean the ladies. It’s sad, just plain sad. In the not too distant past they were still all there, smartly attired in all manner of skirts and blouses, or in dresses – elegant and pretty indeed, a vision to behold. If you were taking a lady to dinner or to a movie or dance, you knew you had a lady on your arm and you behaved accordingly. It was a heady feeling that gave a degree of dignity to the woman, the man – and their relationship.
But it all fades into the background, disappearing into the mist of time. I was reminded of it this morning when the wife was watching a TV show in which they were modeling jeans for women. Oh puleese! These are heavy denim garments for the lower body meant to be worn in the garden, in the barn, on construction jobs, etc. Worn by men, that is.
Now it’s a whole new ball game – the copy - cat game. Well, men started it when jeans became the trousers of choice for almost every occasion. You see them in almost every situation – designer sports coat, fancy shirt and sometimes even a tie – and jeans complete with baggy knees and running - shoes. I don’t know what kind of a statement that is supposed to make, but it’s certainly not newsworthy!
Well and of course, the women have to follow suit as they always do. I was going to blame it on Gloria Steinham and her gang of bra – burning, foul - mouthed gang of un – ladies. But it goes back further than that – back to 1846 or so. Oh, I can understand and empathize with the need for equality. In fact, we were better off when civilization was a matriarchal society, no question.
But really – the way they dress nowadays, if you want to take someone to dinner, you’d probably want to go to McDonalds. Dancing – well that should likely be a barn dance. And movies? Well, that’s okay. It’s dark in the theatres anyway so who cares?
I’m just sayin’.

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