Sunday, December 31, 2017

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - Murder in the Mix

Murder in the Mix
These deaths I write about are not all suicides you know. Some are a little bit more deliberate. Fortunately none of those ever happened to my clients, but one in particular case, it came close. There was a cute little place on Leila Avenue that had been sold, and then it came up on the market again. Well I had a buyer for that very exact place. We got busy right away as soon as we saw it come back on the market and wrote up an offer.
In all my real estate experience I’d never seen a counter offer come back like this one. The vendors wanted firstly, a large deposit, I think it was fifty percent up front, and an early possession. They also wanted a waver on any disparities between husband and wife until after possession. What the. . . .
When the other agent phoned me to discuss the counter offer he was a bit sheepish about how to write it so he told me the whole story:
Apparently a couple had bought the place and had been approved for financing and while waiting for possession to take place, the guy offed his wife and put her in the freezer in his back shed of their rental home. Those people were renting a place just a block over from where my son and daughter in law were living, so I knew all about it. Well I shouldn’t say I knew all about it because I don’t know why it happened, but it just did. Cops, my son said, were buzzing around the place for weeks.
Now the wife was dead, the husband was in jail for a long time with no means to pay the mortgage and the property sellers were out of pocket with their plans gone awry. There was a chance they could salvage most of what they’d lost with a quick possession. Well you can understand the sellers’ nervousness, but on the other hand there was nothing that either of us agents could do about the human condition.
The best we could come up with was to suggest the sellers meet with the buyers and satisfy themselves accordingly. In fact I suggested the sellers’ lawyer draft up a counter offer and present it. I certainly wasn’t prepared to predict a murder or non- murder, and neither was the other agent. In the end the buyers and sellers met and satisfied one another and the deal was consummated.

So that was my encounter with murder. I think I was lucky on that one and happy to get back out to the country where there was none of that crap.

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