Saturday, August 26, 2017

Love vs. Hate

Love vs. Hate

We’re all screwed! Well let’s face it. We’re all lookin’ at the same dilemma, only from different perspectives. The haters hate everything and are being emboldened to protest everything they hate. And they’re very vocal about it too. Not only that, but they get physical with the whole business an’ downright nasty.
We all remember how in the 1940’s we were killin’ Nazis by the thousands. We all defamed the KKK an’ the white supremasists who was busy killin’ black people. An’ now they’re all raisin’ their ugly heads again.
We’ve had just about enough o’ them haters! It’s time to stand up to them. They organize a protest against something or other, so we organize an anti-protest. Well what starts out as quiet dialogue soon escalates to yellin’ an’ screamin’ to fist fights to runnin’ over somebody with a car to police intervention to . . . .
God, we hate them buggers! Oops, what’d I just say?  WE HATE THEM? Darn right we do! Well that sets the stage for interesting dialogue doesn’t it? Look at what happened last week in Quebec. A bunch of white supremasists were planning a protest and were gathered inside a building until they could move out onto the streets and make their particular noise. So a larger group of anti – white supremasists  gathered around the building to drown them out and shout them down. The trapped protestors finally emerged and walked down to where they intended to go, in complete silence, then disbursing and goin’ home. They made the other group look like a bunch of idiots.
So from where I’m sittin’ on the top shelf, the dialogue looks to be: Haters –“We hate you an’ we want our way.” Lovers – Oh yeah? Well we hate you more an’ we want our way.” What kind of stupid dialogue is that? Like I said at the beginning- we’re all screwed!

Just sayin’.

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