Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oh God - Part Twenty - Four

Oh God – Part Twenty – Four
            Schwartz thought about that for a minute. All the wealth he had amassed over the years lay back there in the earthly world, likely fought over and split up between the heirs to his estate.  But his name, his name would have been erased the moment the various cheques cleared the banks and his legacy would become someone else’s. That’s just how things worked in that world.           
            Well, and of course the chaos continued in hell too, where things were remembered and still being trumpeted. It was becoming distasteful for Schwartz. He didn’t like it one bit and wanted no part of it anymore.
            “That’s a good start,” God noted.
            Schwartz found it strange that every time he thought or said something, God was right there to answer him or make a comment. “You know the myth of the two sides of your conscience sitting on either shoulder to advise you what to do. That’s not as much of a myth as people might think. It has to do with your conscience; your spirit as it were and is really an extension of the afterlife. It’s basically a communication system that Satan and I provide to help humans make a determination of their actions,” God commented, almost casually. “So you see, we are constantly with you.”
            “Hmph,” grunted Schwartz, “so you’re like that with everybody?”
            “Of course! We are God and Satan. We can split ourselves up in as many parts as there are spirits. We are infinite.
            “In other words,” pondered Schwartz, “no matter what God we choose to worship, we always end up with you?”
            God let out a guffaw that was like a volley of rolling thunder. He was particularly amused. “Do you really think people get to choose who their God is?” he laughed. “You see, there’s the rub. People have the idea that it’s all about them. That’s actually how you got here, working with Satan and setting up systems of acronyms. Your heart was in the right place but your mind was short sighted as is always the case with humanity. So I decided to give you the opportunity to find more. I believe that perhaps you might have got a glimpse of what you’re after.
            “Now you have to imagine me an’ Satan, one on each side tuggin’ at your spirit. That’s what we do – continually. The choices you make are strictly up to you. We don’t interfere, but we are always with you and within you. So you see, you have no choice about other Gods (either good or bad) because we are already there.”
            “That certainly puts a lie to everything we’ve ever been taught!”     

            “That’s humans for you,” announced God.

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