Saturday, October 3, 2015

One Rude, One Crude, One Ignorant an' A Coupl'a Irrelevants

One Rude, One Crude, One Ignorant an' A Coupl'a Irrelevants

The Missus says I should be mindful of what I say in these blogs in case I offend somebody, especially them politicians. I couldn't agree more! I done that too (as best I could). If anything, I'm tryin' to be more than kind in my description o' them. (Nice hair, though). I suppose the nicest thing I can say about 'em is that they're all more or less adequately dressed. Beyond that, if they was my children, I wouldn't even put them up for adoption. I wouldn't wish that bunch o' bullies on anybody. Can you imagine how ashamed their parents and families must be at their rude and insolent behavior in the debates? You can see that by their absence in any of the campaigns. (Well their children accompany them but that's only 'cause they got to).

Well who wants to listen to the debates where they talk over one another incessantly anyways, or even so-called discussions on the TV? I don't know how they ever keep score of who's winnin'. It's easy to see each o' them claimin' victory 'cause they only hear theirselves while nobody else can ever make sense of what they're sayin'. I guess that comes from practice of NOT askin' or answerin' questions in question period.

Is it any wonder that young people are reluctant to vote? We complain that they are brash, rude, insolent and inconsiderate, but really, where do they get that from? The politicians of course! By an' large teenagers are tryin' to get away from bullies like that so why would they get involved in politics an' votin'? Quite frankly I don't blame 'em. I don't wanna vote neither, but I gotta do it in order to keep the bureaucracy goin', even if it is just barely limpin' along, thanks to these would be power brokers.

An' these then are our role models, the people we must look up to. Seriously? Is that the example we want our children to see? Is that to be our only legacy? Quite frankly, lookin' up to them has more to do with elevation than respect. They're up on that hill (Parliament Hill that is) while the rest of us are somewheres down in the ditch, scratchin' an' diggin' to keep life an' limb together along with our families.

Well I been up on that hill an' all I seen was opulence an' privilege. There was nothin' there had anythin' to do with us ditch dwellers unless you use the septic system model where the crap comes outta the buildings on top o' the hill an rolls downwards into the ditch. That may be a bit graphic, but it's a fairly accurate analogy of politics an' the politicians I think.

The least they could do up there is mind their manners for starters an' set an example for our young people. At least that's how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin'.






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