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That’s what this is all about: Revenge. And it was carried out perfectly to do the maximum harm to France and peripherally to the whole western world. Firstly it’s revenge for France’s military participation in various Middle East areas, Yemen in particular. We seem to have this silly notion that killing Al Quaeda, the Taliban and Isil people is not going to result in any reaction other than in the killing fields. It never occurs to us that the other side is comprised of living, breathing people with sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. We are so convinced that our way of life is the right one, it never occurs to us that someone may have a different point of view. And when they express it we are absolutely mortified. We will hunt them down and bring them to justice at any cost. And the justice we bring them to is OUR justice because it is after all the only justice that is right – isn’t it?

But let’s step back and have another look at this whole business from a different perspective. The terrorists decided to exact revenge on Charlie Hebdo for mocking Mohammed. Then, out of the blue, they decided to take revenge on the Jews because some Jew had once mocked one of the terrorists. And on an overall picture they wanted to punish France for their involvement in attacking the Taliban and perhaps Al Quaida and Isis. On top of that they wanted this to be a suicide mission in which they would die as martyrs.

Well if you summarize what actually happened, you see that they executed their plan perfectly. First they wiped out who they wanted to at Charlie Hebdo. Then while they were making their getaway, the Kosher store was targeted, killing four Jewish hostages and a cop. Of course the two brothers left enough of a trail that they could be found. With ninety thousand police officers, helicopters and who knows how much other equipment, they were found and finally cornered. Bear in mind that this was also a suicide mission they said. They wanted to die as martyrs, so they released the one hostage they held in the print shop and came out with guns blazing. The French forces shot them dead and thus fulfilled their last goal. Perfect for the terrorists!

So if you’re keeping score, who do you think won this little battle of revenge? Did the French have no choice but to react as they did on the terrorists who called the shots right down to the last act? Human life has no consequence in such matters other than as score points, so that’s a direct loss for France and the free speaking western world. But I think they will recover most of their cash outlay from the tourism of dignitaries and others visiting, so they’re not out of pocket much. Charlie Hebdo is publishing about four million copies this week so the numbers will honor the dead. For the rest, they’re basking in the support of the western world for their stance and determination.

In the east, the Taliban, Al Quaida and Isis will be celebrating wildly at the success of their mission and their newly minted martyrs. So the final score is: Revenge 1 – Everybody else 0. We can’t seem to get beyond revenge, a sad commentary on humanity. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

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