Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Taser Debate

The Taser Debate


Watchin’ the nature channel on the TV the other night got me to thinkin’ about Tasers of all things. I mean here they was, tranquilizin’ great monstrous elephants an’ rhinoceroses an’ lions an’ stuff. They shoot a little dart into the animal’s rump an’ after it runs around a little bit, the critter lays down an’ falls asleep. They throw a towel over it’s head an’ haul it off to wherever to do what they need to do. Then to wake it up, they give it an antidote an run for cover. Them elephants can weigh up to four tons!

Well I figured if they can do that with all them ferocious giant animals that can crush your skull in a split second, why can’t they do that with them alleged criminals? I was thinkin’ in particular about that young man on a Toronto bus who got riddled with about nine bullet holes before he succumbed. Of course there was many others, but he stands out. I mean, one simple dart in his arse an’ he’d a been sound asleep. No need to turn the guy into a sieve for everything to leak out!

During WWII the Japanese had invaded Borneo (I think) and were using the men for forced labor and the women for their sexual pleasures. To say the natives were unhappy is a bit of an understatement. They had long ago been talked out of their traditional head hunting practices by missionaries before the war and now felt hopeless. But when a British officer secretly landed on the island, he gave them permission to resume the ancient practice (on the Japanese). He even offered to arm them but they turned him down. They had much more effective weapons – blow guns an’ poison darts. As one of them said, you could hit the enemy in his little finger and he was as good as dead. It didn’t have to be a targeted fatal shot.

Well that’s history now anyways, but it makes my point I think. There’s ways to subdue people without a lot o’ O. K. Corral dramatics an’ deadly force. An’ don’t tell me them scientists can’t figure out a safe dosage to inflict on human targets neither. Mind you, they gotta consider drug an’ alcohol consumption with humans but with the tools they got to modify this, that an’ the other, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Mind you, the media will be upset ‘cause it’ll cut down on the amount o’ drama they can sensationalize on the TV. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin. 

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