Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tempers in the House

Tempers in the House

I had just about given up on findin’ a topic to rant about this week. I didn’t want to start in on the Ukrainians again. Lord knows, they got enough people yellin’ at them. But I was interested in the news clip showin’ their parliamentarians expressin’ theirselves in the form of a good ol’ fashioned fistfight. I was impressed. Now that’s government in action! I don’t know what its conclusion was or how much blood was left on the floor, but at least these buggers were willin’ to back their opinions up.

Almost made me wish for the days of John Crosbie an’ Sheila Copps. In fact I was thinkin’ bout that when I caught a news piece on my ‘puter ‘bout how International Trade Minister Ed Fast made a gesture of pointin’ a gun at NDP critic Nikki Ashton. Actually there was a camera honed in on Ashton as he’s doin’ this. Well nobody’d a noticed except for NDP MP Dan Harris pointin’ it out as “an inappropriate gesture” an’ makin’ a big stink about it. In fact he challenged Fast to apologize for it. Of course, Fast refused, sayin’ it never happened (inspite of the incident being videotaped).

That’s it? THAT’S IT? Fast an’ Harris haranguin’ over an inappropriate gesture that Ashton never even noticed? What kind of stupid confrontation is that? It’s no wonder we have an ineffective, lame duck government. What would have happened had Ashton seen this gesture? Would she have also aimed her finger at Fast Eddie in retaliation? That would have been hilarious – a shoot-out in parliament with trigger fingers. Just like playin’ air guitars. At least Justin Trudeau had the courage to put on a pair o’ boxin’ gloves against Senator Brazeau an’ turn his lights out. An’ even that was a celebrity event not related to any disagreement.

I’ll tell you what. I haven’t seen anything appropriate that the government has done since the days of Lester B. Pearson. They can’t even get into a decent fight. The best they can do is to snipe at one another in the currently popular attack ads (which are all lies an’ innuendoes, by the way). It’s no wonder they don’t get no respect.

It seems to me that a good dust up in the house – you know, like they do in the NHL “hockey games”, would liven things up a bit. Who knows, people might even start to pay attention to these big-mouthed crooks. Might even change the way people vote. Might even MAKE people begin to vote again for a change.

 I think them Ukrainians are on to a good thing. At least that’s how it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.


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