Saturday, September 15, 2012

Congress - or the Senate - or Parliament

Freedom of expression is an inaliable right, so they say, offensive or not. In the western world we take that to mean we can say what we feel about what offends us. In the middle east, they have a different perspective. They just blow up whoever offends them. Freedom of expression - it's a matter of how you look at it.

Congress – or the Senate – or Parliament
Who’d a thought I’d learn something new at my age? Whether I’ll remember or not is another matter. That’s why I write these things down. Frank sent me an email this morning outlining the names of various animal groups – you know – like a chicken flock, a herd of cows, a pride of lions, and so on. I knew most of these already except for the last one. It’s called a Congress – of baboons. Actually, Frank called it a Parliament of baboons. I guess in a sense, it’s the same thing.
I suppose congress and/or parliament might be insulted at such a reference, especially if they saw the pictures that accompanied the email. But perhaps with a bit of honest soul searching and even a consultation with the senate – ironically called “The House of Sober Second Thought” they might find that the definition is not too far off the mark.
The baboons on the other hand may well be offended at being compared to a bunch of greasy, spineless cheaters of their own species. Baboons after all, have a code of honor to defend and these sub-standard humans just don’t measure up. Is it any wonder that they’re all yellin’ and screamin’ and actin’ up? The thing is that this has serious implications. To cite the author of this information, I can only refer to his tirade here: . Have a look at it. It’s a frightening thought. I didn’t check to see if the author is a human representative of the baboon species, or perhaps a real baboon with a pseudonym. But it points up the seriousness of it. If the American Congress keeps acting the way it does (or Canadian Parliament for that matter) historians will be writing a sad tale very soon. Well we’re their neighbors after all and there’s bound to be a spill over effect on us as well – sort of like acid rain.
As I write this, there is a story on the TV about some real estate developer in the U.S. making an inflammatory film about the prophet Mohammed. The Moslems in Egypt and Libya took offence and burned down the American Consulate in Libya, killing the Ambassador and two others. And the film’s author - he’s in hiding somewhere, presumably in the U.S. You’d think that this was one of those unfortunate things that nobody could control – until you hear that the Consulate had been warned that trouble could be expected over the trailer.
At the same time here in Canada we’re expelling the Iranian Ambassador and his crew for undisclosed reasons. They remain undisclosed if you take old man Toews’ explanation of things. The Iranians however saw it coming and were all packed and ready to go before they even got notice.
Obviously we are too lazy or apathetic to do anything about it, so I had a marvelous idea as to how to rectify the problem. How many baboons are in zoos and otherwise in captivity around the world? They are literally prisoners of the particular state they’re in. Supposing we released them all into the various houses of congress and/or parliament. They would after all be in their natural environment. We wouldn’t even have to elect them. They could just go in there and straighten the whole mess out. It’s like chicken soup – Vouldn’t hoit. Well at least that’s the way it seems to me from up here on the top shelf.

Just sayin’.

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